We are the SDCC

The San Diego Clone Conservatory (SDCC) is a collective of San Diego medicinal marijuana growers who are committed to the preservation and expansion of quality genetics in San Diego. It is our goal to make sure that San Diego patients have access to the best and most diverse clone pool in California.

Delivery Service

 We are a delivery service. To obtain your medical clones, you must without exception present a valid CA ID and the original (not a copy) valid doctor's recommendation to your courier. Please understand that this in accordance with CA H&S Code 11362.5.

Grower Inquiries

If you are a local grower with excess clones and would like to become part of our community please contact us at info@medicalclones.org. We understand that there is a cost in producing clones and one of our priorities is making sure that local growers are compensated. Please understand that we would need to verify the strain of the clone. There are several ways to achieve this. Please contact us for more information.


this is a list of mothers on hand, not clones available

Alien OG
Berto OG
Blue Dream
Candy Bubba
Chemdawg 4 (C-4)
Cotton Candy OG
Diablo OG
Dub Tech
Earth OG
Green Crack
Jilly Bean
Lemon OG Kush
Mad Man OG
Master Kush
Platinum OG
Pluto OG
Rock Lock
Skywalker OG
Super Silver Haze
Super Skunk
Tahoe OG
True OG
Vader OG
Wet Dream
White Widow Max

In accordance with CA H&S Code 11362.5
Donations requested are compensation for time, nutrients, electricity costs and other expenses of producing and delivering medicine and not toward the sale or purchase of the seeds/clones themselves.

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